Ari Muhonen elected FUN’s next chair

Ari Muhonen, the director of Jyväskylä University’s Open Science Centre, has been elected as FUN’s next chair for the term 2021-2022.

Earlier in his career, Ari has worked as the director of University of Helsinki’s Viikki Campus Library, as well as the head librarian at Aalto University and Helsinki University of Technology. Ari is also an experienced author. Ari previously served as the chair of FUN’s predecessor, Council for Finnish University Libraries, for the term 2005-2006.

National Bibliometrics Seminar to be held as a webinar on 22.9.2020

FUN is participating in organising the annual Bibliometrics Seminar, which is going to be held as a webinar on 22.9.2020. The theme of the event is “Considering the diversity of publishing along with different sources of information and research methods in research evaluation”.

The seminar is bilingual: some speeches will be held in English, others in Finnish. 

Registration (until 18.9) and more information:

Updates from university libraries on the special circumstances / Poikkeustilapäivityksiä yliopistokirjastoilta / Universitetsbibliotekens uppdateringar om undantagssituationen/

Aalto-yliopiston oppimispalvelut /Aalto-universitetets lärcentret / Aalto University, Learning Centre

Oppimiskeskuksen palvelut poikkeustilanteen aikana

Lärcentrets bibliotekstjänster under undantagstiden

Services of the Learning Centre during the exceptional circumstances

Helsingin yliopiston kirjasto / Helsinki University Library

Asiakaspalvelu ja kirjojen lainaaminen poikkeustilanteissa

Customer service and borrowing books in the exceptional situation

Itä-Suomen yliopiston kirjasto / University of Eastern Finland Library

Kirjastopalvelut kesän 2020 poikkeusaikana

Library services during the exceptional circumstances of summer 2020

Jyväskylän yliopiston kirjasto / University of Jyväskylä Library

Ajankohtaista koronatilanteesta

Corona News

Lapin korkeakoulukirjasto / Lapland University Consortium Library

Ajankohtaista Lapin korkeakoulukirjastossa

LUC Library news

LUT-tiedekirjasto / LUT Academic Library

Tiedekirjaston palvelut kesällä

The library offers limited lending and return services

Oulun yliopiston kirjasto / Oulu University Library

Kirjaston kesän ajan palvelut, aukioloajat ja sulkuaika (27.6.-2.8.)
Library’s summer services, opening hours and closure (27 June – 2 August)

Svenska handelshögskolans bibliotek / Hanken School of Economics Library

Bibliotekets service under nedstängningen

Library’s services during the shutdown

Taideyliopiston kirjasto / Konstuniversitetets bibliotek / Uniarts Helsinki Library

Taideyliopiston kirjasto avautuu elokuussa

The University of Arts Library opens in August

Tampereen yliopiston kirjasto / Tampere University Library

Korona – Tampereen korkeakoulut

Corona – Tampere Universities

Tiedekirjasto Tritonia / Vetenskapsbiblioteket Tritonia / Tritonia Academic Library

Kirjaston palvelut koronavirustilanteessa

Tritonias tjänster under coronaepidemin

Library services during the COVID-19 epidemic

Turun yliopiston kirjasto / Turku University Library

Kesän 2020 poikkeukselliset palvelut

Summer 2020 temporary services

Åbo Akademis bibliotek / Åbo Akademi University Library / Åbo Akademin kirjasto

Åbo Akademis bibliotek 1.6–9.8

ÅAU Library 1.6–9.8

Summer in the university library

For the past summers, Tritonia Academic Library in Vaasa has been open all summer long. During summer, there are restricted opening hours and more self-service, but the reading rooms can be accessed as usual, for example. Statistically, there are much less visitors in summer compared to the busiest months during autumn. However, there is still a demand for a place to sit and study during summer, and numerous hardworking students can be found in the library throughout the summer. We have noticed at the service desk that both the customers and the questions they have are different in summer than during the academic year. This is because we have more external customers in summer, students from other parts of the country as well as local customers searching for literature in their own field of interest.

The past summer was more exciting than usual, as Tritonia adopted a new open-source library system called Koha. In June, the staff got to learn how to use the new system, and there were numerous aspects to consider regarding the changes Koha brought to the loans procedures. After midsummer, the library was closed for a week, while data was converted into Koha. During July and August we tested Koha in action, learned how it works and updated information and tutorials about the new system on our website. The implementation of Koha went smoothly and we did not run into any major problems.


Traditionally in summer, as there are less customers in the library, it has always been a time to do more extensive collection moves. The project for this summer was to merge all the journals from the subject collections to one journal collection, including moving journals from three different floors to one floor. We have also moved theses, serials and university publications, as well as weeded several collections. Now we have a uniform journal collection waiting for new and old customers.

Autumn has now arrived and we are happy to see the library once again filled with eager students all day long.

Text and photo: Jonna Toukonen, Head of services, Tritonia

The Council has a new logo

Along with the process of renewing the website, a new logo has been designed for the Council. The designer is Paula Kassila.