About us

FUN Finnish University Libraries’ Network acts as a collaborative forum for Finnish university library directors. FUN encourages university libraries to experiment with new modes of operation, to demonstrate impact and to increase the visibility of library operations. FUN works to predict changes in the operational environment from the strategic management’s perspective and to promote research and education in collaboration with the academic community.

All university libraries as well as joint libraries are represented in FUN. The National Library and the National Repository Library participate in the meetings as expert members upon request.

The role of FUN is to make statements, initiatives and motions, to conduct surveys and to nominate joint university library representatives to various organs.

FUN works in partnership with key stakeholders and other library networks on a national and international level.

FUN’s predecessor the Council for Finnish University Libraries was established in 1996. At the beginning of 2018, it changed its name to FUN Finnish University Libraries’ Network.