FUN Strategy 2021−2024

FUN maintains focus on impact, visibility and experiment

FUN Finnish University Libraries’ Network – Fuelling research

FUN strategy Impact Experiment Visibility.

  • FUN has a multidirectional impact on the field of Finnish academia and its interest groups.  We gather the expertise of university libraries and develop future services, contributing to the growth of research as well as academic and artistic education as a partner of universities and science actors. FUN is the university libraries’ shared channel for influencing, the goal of which is supporting and sharing scientific and open data. 
  • FUN makes the work and value of University libraries more visible in the society and in the international science community.   
  • As a network, we are better equipped to experiment on new modes of operation and prepare for upcoming service demand in a visionary, open-minded and flexible manner. FUN offers a forum for peer support, development of leadership and active interaction.

Goals for the strategy period 20212024  

Development of open science services 

  • University libraries produce and develop services for open publishing, learning, research material and research data cohesively. 
  • Establishing university libraries’ position in development of open science services according to national and international policies. 

Influencing interest groups 

  • Bringing the expertise of university libraries forth as peers, customers and partners. 
  • Interactive, proactive action – foreseeing new circumstances and influencing future decisions. 

Open internal interaction and utilizing FUN’s networks 

  • Sharing information 
  • Peer support and collaboration  
  • Close cooperation in exceptional circumstances 

Constant development of FUN’s operation 

  • Progressing important matters together 
  • Utilizing diverse modes of operation 
  • Using inclusive and low-treshold methods