FUN Strategy 2018-2020

FUN Finnish University Libraries’ Network – Fuelling research


FUN visio

FUN vaikuttaa FUN Näkyy FUN Kokeilee
FUN vaikuttaa
  • We influence at various levels: nationally, internationally and locally
  • We build persistent and active networks with the main science policy, research and teaching stakeholders
  • We demonstrate our effectiveness
    • Creating toolkit to measure impact
    • Sharing of good practices
FUN kokeilee
  • New service forms
    • Foresight of future customer needs
    • Development of new forms of expertise
    • Creating new partnerships
  • FUN as a platform for experimentationwe will collaborate in new ways and share our experiences
    • New teaching methods and learning environments
    • Support for new ways of research
    • New forms of collaboration between organisations
    • Making full use of digitalisation
FUN näkyy
  • We will make the customer value of university libraries visible
    • Reliable knowledge
    • Information skills from individual to societal level
    • Cultural capital
    • Promotion of research visibility
  • We will brighten the university librariesbrand
    • Highlighting the pioneering role
    • Communication
    • Multichannel visibility even beyond the own area of activity


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